South Canterbury Workplace Safety Forum

The South Canterbury Workplace Safety Forum provides free training and networking opportunities for anyone involved in occupational health and safety. Established in 2009 by Progressive, the forum has grown steadily and we now get over 100 people attending these events.

The forums are designed for business owners, managers, supervisors, health and safety committee members, health and safety coordinators and anyone who has occupational health and safety responsibilities.

Our experience has shown that those involved with health and safety often feel isolated and find it difficult to keep up to date with changes. We believe that keeping people safe at work is a shared responsibility and therefore we work to provide a local network and a ‘workshop’ like forum for people to learn from each other and in turn have the opportunity to assist others.

Progressive has been grateful for those businesses who have kindly helped with the sponsorship of these events over the years. The aim of these forums is to provide topical and relevant information – the topics we have looked at in the past have included;
  • Legislation and implementing a drug and alcohol policy in the workplace
  • E-learning health and safety training options
  • What we can learn from recent court rulings
  • A new approach to gradual process injuries
  • Safety when working at heights
  • Emergency response plans for fire
  • What's new in first aid training
  • The final frontier - developing a health and safety culture
  • Your legal obligations around hearing protection and noise control.
  • Hearing protection – the issues, solutions, and developing a safety culture
  • Recent advances in workplace drug testing
  • First-hand in lessons from dealing with a workplace fatality
  • What does your business have to do to meet the requirements of the hazardous substances and new organisms legislation
  • Choosing the right protection for your hands to avoid or workplace accidents
  • Changes in ACC in levies and workplace cover
  • Is a no blame culture the best approach for improving workplace health and safety
  • Changes to the working at heights guideline
  • Workplace emergencies are you prepared
  • What are the requirements around giving staff pre-employment health checks - what are some cost effective solutions
  • Protection versus productivity how do we get the balance right

Progressive Commercial Services

Although Progressive Solutionz offers these training events at no cost to those attending we also provide commercial health and safety services. We would be glad to assist you in any of the following areas;
  • workplace health and safety systems
  • mentoring, coaching or training;
    • Committee training
    • Hazard identification
    • Management training
    • Staff inductions
    • Contractor inductions
    • Safety Culture
    • Accident investigation
  • health and safety audits
  • assistance with accident investigations
  • establishing a safety culture
  • contract management

Please call us today if we can assist you.