Website Sales and Marketing Services

Using technology to grow business capability and better meet customer expectations is critical to growth, but without quality advice to guide you along the way, technology can lead you down the garden path. Our consultants are experts who understand the relationship between technology and business growth. It is important to build a web presence that can grow and develop as your business develops and grows.

Personalised email campaign system
Regular contact with customers, suppliers and distributors is key to keeping your business visible and relevant in a competitive environment. Personalised email campaign systems enables online campaigning by providing the mechanism to build databases, choose target markets and personalise communications - whether it's email, an electronic newsletter or another form of e-contact.

E-commerce system
Whether you do business directly with the consumer or use distribution and sales channels, E-commerce systems provides internet-based technology to make transactions smooth and seamless, including online product catalogues and ordering, invoicing and secure credit card payment processing.

Social Media Marketing