Business & Strategic Planning

Do you know where you are going and the best way to get there? 

Developing a sound strategic plan is crucial to your business survival. Bringing a planned approach to business reduces stress and provides a structure that builds success. Staff activities are focused and coordinated; resources are allocated wisely; work matches client requirements and profits are up.

Progressive Solutions can assist you with the strategic planning process through running a workshop for you and your leadership team or board. A workshop is a good structure approach to identify goals and strategies that are specific to your business.

A strategic planning workshop covers the following topics;

Where are we - where do we want to go
SWOT Analysis
Tools to assist you in developing strategies to maximise strengths identified in your business, minimise risks and turn opportunities into reality. 

Competitive advantage/opportunity 
Competitor analysis, identifying your key selling proposition, benefits versus features. 

Introducing goal setting and a structure for planning your personal growth and business development. 

Vision / Mission 
Tools to define the "purpose of your business" so you, your business partners and your staff understand clearly what they are trying to achieve. 

Growth Strategies 
Suggestions to assist you to leverage your business performance. 

Values and Culture 
Examples of the effect business culture will have on productivity and morale of the business and what can be done to influence this. 

Target & Action Plans 
Importance of setting realistic and measurable targets, developing an action plan to achieve targets set. This topic area will also introduce ratios and benchmarking.