Creating a Great Business Team

Getting the whole team 'on the same page' working together in a cooperative way with each person working to their strengths - is this too much to hope for.  We don't think so.

If this is what you would like to see in your workplace - give us a ring today.  Our activity based workshop are customised the address your unique situation.  We will meet with you and take time to understand your requirement and then tailor a programme to match. The programme is run over one or two days – depending on the material to be covered. 

Programme objectives

The programme objectives are;
  • Understanding the need for a team approach to work
  • Developing self-understanding
  • Respecting diversity and appreciating others perspectives
  • Improving communications
  • Identifying and establishing team values
  • Developing and strengthening the team culture
  • Being part of the solution – not the problem
  • Developing problem solving and decision making skills

Sample content of the team building programme
  • Working from my strengths and understanding my weaknesses
  • The benefit of diversity and tolerance
  • Creating effective communication
  • What I have learnt, I can also re-learn – choosing positive behaviours
  • Establishing team values
  • Creative problem solving and decision making
  • Myers Briggs type testing (Keirsey Bates)
  • Leadership training
  • Values clarification


Thank you so much for taking the Leadership Course for us and customising it for Ken Wills Furniture. I know it is going to help us grow us individuals, as a team and as a business.  We have all learnt so much and have been energised and empowered ... your teaching style was great.

Sue Wills, Ken Wills Furniture, Timaru

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Client endorsement

“A fun packed day, that tried, tested, and challenged the teams!  The aim to listen, communicate and most of all think out of the box was met with some interesting approaches...  The teams learnt that to achieve you must work together, understand the task and think about the delivery.   They learnt about each other and who people really are and most of all about themselves...Myers Briggs always hits the spot.

Thanks you Malcolm, next one is about the greater team.”

Eve Johnson
General Manager
Functional Whole Foods