• Understanding my style
• Courageous conversations – The Empathy Triangle
• Management vs leadership
• Four Quadrant Leadership

Problem Solving
• Using our strengths
• De Bono’s hats
• Ishikawa – fish bone
• Route cause analysis - 5 Why’s

Business Excellence & Continual Improvement
• Development through incremental improvement
• Kaizen – the Japanese model of success
• The PDCA model

Dealing with Angry Clients
• Listening skills
• Win/win negotiating
• Dealing with anger – mine & theirs

Team Building
• 5 secrets of functioning teams
• Harnessing the power of team
• Strategic planning for success


Day Workshop - "Develop your business through successful networking."

Of all the ways to market your company, networking is one of the more powerful.  Through this seminar the business owner or their staff will become more effective and grow in confidence.  By using the skills acquired you will network more successfully and learn to present yourself and the business with more assurance.

Networking Seminar Outline

  • Preparing for success
  • Sending the right messages
  • Adopting skills for success
  • Follow-up, ensuring a return on your investment
  • Developing the action plan