Conflict Resolution Training

Progressive have a variety of training programmes or can develop in-house training to cover all aspects of conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation and conflict-related communication skills.

Training modules

Handling Conflict in the Workplace
This workshop will give employees in the workplace an understanding of how conflict arises and a set of practical tools with which to reduce and resolve conflict.

Effective Communication Skills
Our ability to communicate effectively will go a great length to ensure that we keep conflict to a minimum in our life. In this workshop you will learn active listening techniques and look at how to express feelings in a respectful and assertive manner.

Effective communication skills are the foundation to conflict resolution.

Positively Handling Difficult Behaviour and Situations
This is a workshop that will improve your responses to difficult behaviours and situations. We all have had moments where we knew that a few simple steps would have prevented the escalation of a situation. Through practical exercises, discussions and role-playing this workshop will give you some tools to better deal with difficult behaviour and situations.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills
This workshop looks at the life of a conflict and how to resolve it in the most effective manner. It looks at communication skills, perceptions, needs, negotiation, and making sustainable agreements.

Mediation Skills
This workshop is for individuals that need to as part of their work to help others resolve conflicts often in an informal manner. Participants will learn to map a conflict, to use active listening techniques and learn negotiation skills. By the end of the workshop participants will have some understanding of the importance of impartiality when acting as a third party.