Supervisor Development Programme

Our activity based workshop are customised the address your unique situation.  We will meet with you and take time to understand your requirement and then tailor a programme to match. The programme is run over one or two days – depending on the material to be covered. 

Course Content

Changing Roles

  • Understanding the role
  • Transition – from worker to leader
  • Can I still be ‘one of the boys’?
  • Skills for the role?
  • Balancing being a producer and leader

Safety Leadership

  • Understanding the Act
  • Supervisor legal ‘duty of care’

Personalities – conflict or harnessing strength

  • Finding my strengths and weaknesses
  • Diversity is OK
  • Understanding others
  • Nature verses Nurture
  • Accentuating the positive – eliminating the negative


  • Elements in the communication process
  • But they don’t get it
  • Body talk
  • Where do things go wrong
  • Tips on getting it to work

Total Quality Service – Customer Care

  • The client is king
  • Service for success
  • Putting it all together

On Job Training

  • Seeking quality and standard methods
  • Tailoring training for adults
  • Good training from great trainers
  • Four-step method of instruction (TWI)
  • Planning for success
  • Writing job instruction cards and SOPs

Developing High Performing Staff

  • Performance formula
  • Preventing performance wilt
  • Feedback and motivating staff
  • Being assertive

Dealing with Conflict

  • Styles of conflict
  • The 5 step method
  • Understanding the games people play

Project Management

  • Putting it all together

Time Management

  • Important vs Urgent
  • Establishing priorities & avoiding procrastination
  • Working smarter not harder


  • Understanding my style
  • Courageous conversations – The Empathy Triangle
  • Management vs leadership
  • Four Quadrant Leadership

Problem Solving

  • Using our strengths
  • De Bono’s hats
  • Ishikawa – fish bone
  • Route cause analysis - 5 Why’s

Business Excellence & Continual Improvement

  • Development through incremental improvement
  • Kaizen – the Japanese model of success
  • The PDCA model

Dealing with Angry Clients

  • Listening skills
  • Win/win negotiating
  • Dealing with anger – mine & theirs

Team Building

  • 5 secrets of functioning teams
  • Harnessing the power of team
  • Strategic planning for success